The Dangers Faced by Driving Instructors

Being a driving instructor is a dangerous job no matter how you look at it or what type of instructor you are. There are various types of instructors and the ones we think about most are the instructors who teach beginners how to drive and help clients get their drivers license. As a licensed instructor myself, I know full well that taking a new driver onto public roads is risky and terrifying…not only for me but also for the client. Driving is the one thing we regularly do that could get us killed and rarely does that thought cross ones mind when they leave their driveway. Most instructors who only work in this group aren’t actually very good though and often teach unsafe driving habits and techniques. There are only a handful that I would trust to teach my son.

Then there are Advanced Instructors and although the title is a bit subjective, this is the type of instructing that I specialize in and do the most. My focus is on making drivers safe and not just focusing on the basic maneuvers like how to park. A parking maneuver gone wrong is unlikely to ever kill anyone in the car, although it could kill a pedestrian if the driver isn’t paying attention. What you learn from an advanced instructor is what will save your life (and the lives of others) on public roads.

Then there are Performance Instructors which I am one of also. These are the instructors who teach drivers how to get the most out of their vehicles and themselves and how to improve and how to drive at the limit of both driver and machine…on the edge of the envelope. These are the instructors that are called upon for instructing on racetracks, either teaching someone the art & science of racing or at slower speeds, just teaching drivers how to lap on a race track safely. But to get around a race track safely, people first must learn a hell of a lot of things before they try it and once they do, the instructor is right there beside them, slowly working on the driving skills, their control and their technique so that they can go faster in increments. Let me say that last part again…’in increments’.

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